The Forum for

Individual Investors


The WIRE Show -  Wealth, Investments & Real Estate puts individual investors in face-to-face contact with a wide array of companies and seasoned professionals that cover all aspects of wealth management and personal finance, all under one roof. These industry professionals are eager to share their expertise and offer their advice on the many ways to create, maximize and protect your wealth. They are ready to give you the critical advice - the valuable road map that you need to take your portfolio where you need it to be.


Whether you are new to the the world of individual investing or a seasoned veteran, now is a great time to solidify your position in the financial markets. Huge gains are being achieved by those with the knowledge and insight on how to best leverage their assets and minimize their risk, especially in a fluctuating market. Whether you are looking for passive or aggressive investments, long or short-term returns, you will meet the professionals, spot the opportunities and learn the strategies that can help to reach your financial goals, only at The WIRE Show!

Real Estate

The WIRE Show is the perfect venue to meet real estate professionals who can help you with selling or buying a new home, or acquiring residential or commercial investment property. Discover a variety of opportunities such as REITs, crowdfunding, tax certificates and other vehicles. Whether you are looking for passive or aggressive strategies or simply looking to diversify your resources for safety and maximum return, you will find the professionals on hand who are eager to help you with your real estate investment strategy, only at The WIRE Show.

About The WIRE Show

The  Wealth, Investment & Real Estate (WIRE) Show is a comprehensive financial forum for individual investors. The event brings  together professionals in all areas of personal finance, investment, real estate and small business, to meet qualified  individual investors who are interested in leveraging their assets, but may need professional guidance to achieve the outcomes that they are seeking. 

Professionals from the following disciplines will be available for consultation:

  • Stocks, bonds, commodities
  • Currency trading
  • Investment advisors
  • Retirement planning
  • Asset management
  • Banking services
  • Tax professionals, including attorneys and CPAs
  • Real estate professionals, including home builders, brokers and agents
  • Estate planners
  • Insurance professionals
  • Mortgage and other specialty lenders
  • Franchises, other business & investment opportunities 
  • Allied products and services

Profit from trends

The trends in today's financial, real estate and business sectors all point to the potential for strong gains in the short and mid-term, with  healthy long-term opportunities for strategically placed moves. Now is the time to chart your strategy to profit from them. Astute observers are fully aware of these trends, and those "in the know" are now uniquely positioned to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. However, too many small investors lack the required knowledge and key insights to effectively capitalize on these trends for maximum gains, while insulating themselves against possible losses. Local and national financial professionals will be a on hand to offer their expertise, in addition to 2 full days of informative seminars and workshops, only at The WIRE Show - Wealth, Investments & Real Estate. 

Event Schedule - 2018

Denver - August 18 - 19

Seattle - September 8 - 9

Minneapolis - September 29 - 30